Presentation and objective

Our Lady of Mercy Home for the Elderly, in operation since 21 of June 2000, is one of the social Equipments of our Fraternity and stands out for the quality of their services, being unanimously considered a model Home for the Elderly.

The Home is destined for the elderly, of both genders, having a capacity for 128 beds. At the moment, we still have some vacancies on the upper floors, intended for independent elderly people without mobility problems. On a daily basis, a multidisciplinary team involving 1 full-time doctor, 9 nurses, 1 social worker, 25 caregivers, 2 physiotherapist, among others, in a total of 67 workers.


The Macau Holy House of Mercy is proud of the their pioneer role in the creation of asylums and home for the elderly in Macau.

Ms. Chan Sao Fan, Avian directs the Elderly Home.


Being Macau the place in the World whose inhabitants, of both sexes, have the longest life expectancy and taking into account the increase of the numbers of the local elderly population, this social intervention is one of our priorities. We considered that a longer life expectancy must be accompanied by quality of life, hence it is our mission to, within our capacities, provide to each elderly a balanced life, promote their autonomy and delay, as far as possible, the loss of the physical and mental capacities.

In order to guarantee a positive inclusion and stay we encourage helping each other, individualizing each case, providing a set of essential services in this respect, namely meals, hygiene, linen processing, regular health care, occupational, entertainment and leisure, in order to promote the physical, mental and social well being of the elderly under our care.

Location and contacts

Our Lady of Mercy Home for the Elderly is located at Rua D. Belchior Carneiro, Largo da Companhia, n.º 19, near the Ruins of St. Paul.

Telephone: 28 373 988

Fax: 28 366 405

The facilities

The Home is located in a renovated building, and a new wing was newly built with five floors, complying with all the necessary requisites to provide support to the elderly and the necessary conditions to enable a life with quality, always respecting the dignity of those that there reside.