In accordance with the Commitment of the Macau Holy House Fraternity ("Commitment), in its article seventeenth "The Fraternity's governing bodies are the General Assembly, the Board of Trustees and the Supervisory Committee".

General Assembly

The Board of the General Assembly is composed by a Chairman and two Secretaries and their respective substitute members.

The General Assembly is composed by all Effective Brothers fully enjoying their rights.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the executive body that manages the Fraternity and to which belong: one President, one Secretary, the Treasurer and two members as well as two substitute members. The members of the Board of Trustees are designated as Board Members.

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is the supervisory body of the Fraternity and is composed by one President, one Secretary, one Clerk and by an equal number of substitute members.

• General Assembly:

Efective members:

- Leonel Alberto Alves (President), Anabela Maria da Silva Pedruco Granados e Luís Augusto Pimenta de Castro Machado (Secretaries).

Substitute members:

- António José Félix Pontes (Substitute President) - Maria de Lurdes Costa de Almeida e José Gonçalo Alves Oliveira Basto da Silva (Substitute Secretaries).

• Board of Trustees:

Effective members:

  • António José de Freitas (President), José Joaquim das Neves (Secretary), António José Dias Azedo (Treasurer), Manuel Gonçalves Pires Júnior e Bruno Miguel dos Santos Nunes (Members).

Substitute members:

  • Duarte Tavares Alves e Manuel Ricardo da Silva (Substitute Members of the Board)

• Supervisory Committee:

Effective members:

  • José Ricardo das Neves (President), Telmo da Silva Martins (Secretary) e Paulo Augusto da Silva (Clerk).

Substitute members:

  • Jeremias Tadeu Madeira (Substitute President), Carmen Campos de Souza (Substitute Secretary) Henrique Francisco Telles de Menezes Nolasco da Silva (Substitute Clerk)