The Fraternity of Macau Holy House of Mercy has unlimited duration and develop its activities mainly in the territory of Macau. It is composed by effective members, members of merit and honorary members, being that the members have the designation of Brothers.

Those individuals, with more than eighteen years of age, born or with permanent residence in Macau, and who have an affective relationship with Macau as well as identifies with, and are committed to contribute to the prosecution of the Fraternity`s objectives, may be admitted as Effective Brothers.

It is currently set three hundred and fifty the number of Effective Members, whose admission is processed by means of a proposal undersigned by two Brothers and is dependable of the approval, by secret ballot, of the Table of Directors.

Brothers of Merit are individuals or legal persons who, through their actions in favour of the Fraternity, show themselves worthy of such distinction.

Honorary Brothers are individuals or legal persons who deserve such recognition by reason of relevant services rendered to the Fraternity

Brothers of Merit and Honorary Brothers are proclaimed by the General Assembly.