Introduction and Objectives

Centro De Reabilitação De Cegos has started operation since October 12, 1960. More than six decades, we have worked tirelessly to help people with severely sight loss, in hopes of helping them to better integrate into society and lead a normal life.

The center was established with the support of "American Foundation for the Blind Overseas Corporation" and has been supervised and managed by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Macau since 1963. In fact, going back to an earlier period, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Macau had provided assistance to blind Chinese nation people as early as 1900. Since that year Santa Casa da Misericórdia De Macau had subsidized the Canossian Sisters to take care of the blind people in the shelters.

For implementing the mission of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Macau in the fields of social welfare, Centro De Reabilitação De Cegos offer more than 100 seats for Macau residents with visually impairment, it provides a place for them to rest and learn. The targets of our service are visually impaired persons aged 3 and above. For the membership criteria, Macau resident who is medically diagnosed with visually impairment, and has reached the aged 16 and above, is welcome to join us.

The center is open Monday (8:30 to 17:15) to Friday (8:30 to 17:00). The director of the center is Ms. Leong Sut Mui.

Our Mission

The mission of Centro De Reabilitação De Cegos is to provide eligible individuals with visual impairments support and efficient services through a variety of activities, in order to improve their autonomy and quality of life, and, to help them integrate into society.

In order to achieve our mission, vocational training for our members(trainees) had been conducted in our center in the past, such as weaving wool, rattan and wicker, etc. The purpose of the vocational training is to develop our members' self-reliance potential and assist them to integrate into society. We also organize vocationally-related activities, such as learning computer literacy and braille.

Assisting our members to integrate into society through vocational training is the main mission of Centro De Reabilitação De Cegos, helping them to achieve their self-reliance in the society is our goal, and minimizing the impact of physical disability. As individual member may not be able to find suitable employment positions in the society, the center used to set up sheltered workshops for them, but now the center has become a Day Activity Center that provides our members a place to rest and learn such as using a computer, making handcraft and singing.

Our Facility

We have adequate facilities, well-equipped rooms with air-conditioning system, we also have good management system to assist our members in learning and development. The center provides more comfortable spaces though the renovation works in November 2003. 

Assistive Devices Resources Service (ADRS) Showroom

We understand that people with special needs in the society have a great need for assistive devices. The"Living aids showroom"was established with the support of IAS, it is a room for displaying the living equipment and teaching. Equipment include different types of white canes, talking appliances, and kitchenware, etc. 

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 

Aims to "promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for the inherent dignity of persons with disabilities." it ensures that persons with disabilities have the same rights as other people.

Contact us

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